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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Over 30 years of practical experience regarding physical therapy rehabilitation in the region of Fort Pierce & Port St. Lucie, Florida. The art of rehabilitation is to reduce pain, improve range of motion and function followed with specific strengthening procedures to maximally stabilize any musculoskeletal type disorder. My office has all the necessary equipment to properly rehabilitate and stabilize all types of musculoskeletal Injuries.

Stretches and Exercises

Following an injury, therapeutic stretching and exercises are an important way to prevent scar tissue from forming and to increase muscle strength. Even after an injury has healed, maintaining a regular stretching and exercise program helps keep tissues flexible, increases mobility and strength, and protects you from new injuries.


Therapeutic ultrasound is a form of deep heat therapy created by sound waves. When applied to soft tissues and joints, the sound waves are a form of micro-massage that helps to reduce swelling, increase blood flow and decrease pain, stiffness and spasms.

Muscle Stimulation

This type of therapy uses light electrical pulses that are transmitted to specific areas of the body through pads placed on the skin. There are several different types of electrical stimulation. Some are more beneficial for pain relief or to reduce inflammation, some for muscle spasms, and some, actually, cause muscles to contract to build strength.


Intersegmental traction tables gently help re-establish normal ranges of the body’s spine. They also help facilitate muscle relaxation and reduce muscle spasms. This treatment helps mobilize the spinal column while, simultaneously and gently, stretching ligaments and muscles.

Massage Therapy / Deep Tissue

Massage therapy helps improve circulation and reduce pain. More...

Trigger Point Therapy

The primary purpose of Trigger Point Therapy is to reduce pain that results from hypersensitive muscles. Isolated Pressure point therapy is specifically applied to these sites to further facilitate muscle relaxation and reduce point specific muscle spasms. Only accomplished by a well-trained, experienced massage therapist.

Custom Orthotics

Dr. Shaw utilizes state-of-the-art orthotics to correct arch imbalances. Contact us to compare prices.

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